I Love Lipstick. Red Lipstick.

I love lipstick. Red lipstick.

It’s the cosmetic trend that never dies but keeps on living. Growing up, I admired its bright red hue and how it graced a woman’s lips making her whole appearance look completely different – elegant, classy, sophisticated – all of those things wrapped up in a single tube of lipstick – red lipstick that is. It was something that I had always wanted to wear myself but was never allowed since, at the time, I was too young to wear it in public. Yes, just like any other 6-year-old girly girl I wanted to do as the big girls did – wear high heels and wear red lipstick.

This brings to mind one of my favorite summer snacks growing up: Italian Ices. Remember those? You can find them just about anywhere and it’s the perfect snack on those hot, sticky days; nice and cold, and it really just hits the spot. The variety of flavors were all very good but, I did have a favorite. Yes, you guessed it – Cherry. Not only did it taste great but it was RED and it was the one thing that stained my lips and wasn’t toxic. Those Italian Ices gave me good reason to have red lips and I embraced every second of it. In my mind I was just like the big girls, red lipstick and all. I couldn’t understand it then, but looking back – now in my twenties – I understand my parent’s reasoning for not allowing me to wear lipstick in public at such an early age. Had they let me wear it, it would have resulted in my parents and I receiving the oddest of stares and me looking ridiculously silly. Still, though, those Ice stained lips were priceless, leaving me with childhood memories that can never be replaced.

Just think about it, though: that Bold Red can create versatility. It can turn simple daytime makeup into a formal evening look, make a persons lips appear fuller when outlined in the most subtle way, be worn with practically anything – even a T-shirt with jeans, and it gives just the right amount of bold for even the most shy and timid lady. Work at a job where there’s that one co-worker who’ll sneak any chance they can get to voluntarily enjoy your lunch? Or maybe it’s a party full of friends with that one person who’ll mix-up or “forget” that they finished their drink and help themselves to yours? (The nerve of them!) Well red lipstick is great for that too! I like to think of it as the silent sign of ‘DO NOT TOUCH.’ I mean, really, how many people do you know that would drink from someone else’s marked up residual lipstick stained cup? Not many. And if you do then…. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to tell ya – add some gloss, maybe that’ll keep them from stealing your stuff.  It’s worth a try, but if all else fails, of course, looking after your drink would be the best thing to do.

Speaking of lipstick stains, most people, as far as I know, aren’t the biggest fans of receiving kisses with lipstick stuck to their faces. But even though it may be unappealing and even a little gross, you have to admit that lip marks on someones face is like a personalized mark or symbol of love. It sounds cheesy, I know, but whether it be from a mother, sister, niece, cousin, girlfriend, aunt, or grandmother, when you see that someone has been marked red it signifies that someone else out there cares. ( Marked red. Hmm, I don’t know but, I may be onto something here. Maybe it could be the new catch phrase: “You’ve been marked red!” ……

On second thought, maybe not. Okay, scratch that, let’s move on. )

Would I say that I’m obsessed with red lipstick? Well no, I wouldn’t say obsessed – obsessed is a strong word – but it is my favorite shade. When the day finally came, that I was actually old enough to wear lipstick in public, I was very excited because, well, it was my turn. My turn to be one of the big girls who wore red lipstick.

I love lipstick! Red lipstick. 

Michelle – The Makeup & Beauty Bug

Pour a drink, put on some lipstick, and (1)

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